Dr. Steve Sullivan, Practice Owner

Dr. Sullivan was born and raised in Pasadena and graduated high school from Deer Park (go fighting deer!). He knew at a very early age that he wanted to either be a veterinarian or dig for dinosaur bones. When he matured to a ripe old age of 8, his interest in dinosaurs waned but not his interest in animal medicine. That was when he knew he was destined to be a veterinarian, or vegetarian, as he used to say. Dr. Sullivan graduated from Texas A&M (go fighting Aggies!) in 1996, with a veterinary degree and started working at Red Bluff Animal Hospital as an associate. In June 2005, he bought the clinic. Realizing he was getting way too much sleep, he bought Richey Animal Clinic in 2006. Dr. 

Sullivan has been happily married since 1997 and has 3 young boys: Zach, Connor, and Jacob. In his free time he likes to…wait, he doesn’t have any free time. If he did have free time, he would be playing Wii, playing sports and going fishing with his sons.  In February 2011, Dr. Sullivan added Molly, a rescue Goldenoodle mix, to his family. She does wonderfully with his kids and he proudly claims that she is the best dog ever.

Fun Fact: Dr. Sullivan likes Real Genius, a cult classic starring Val Kilmer, so much that he would be willing to sit through it fifty times in a row.


Dr. Angela Nester, DVM

Dr. Angela Nester’s understanding and love of animals started long ago.  She recalls reading every book in the animal section of the local library in third grade.  Yes, she is still THAT passionate about learning everything possible about our furry creatures. Growing up in the Air Force, she moved every 3 years to a new base in a new part of the country or world. Her pets were constant friends on the journeys. Although, she has always loved animals, she honestly can’t say she always wanted to be a vet. Pets don’t like the vet and she couldn’t bear the thought of having animals hate her. In fact, she went to Texas A&M University to study genetics/biochemistry. The turning point happened while in the laboratory and suddenly realizing the day to day life of a researcher is rather boring. After looking at every other profession to figure out what to do, she volunteered at her local vet clinic and realized that she loved it! Bringing the solutions to the animals’ ailments, understanding to their owners, and finding the best way to do it all in a challenging atmosphere was exhilarating. During this time her family pet, Duke, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Dr. Nester seeing her Colonel father cry for the first time ever in her life showed the power of the human–animal bond. Animals touch the human heart in a way that no human can. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Genetics with honors (cum laude) 1997. She then graduated from Texas A&M Veterinary College again with honors (cum laude) in 2001. During her time in vet school, she emphasized behavior medicine and the human–animal bond.


After graduation, Dr. Nester worked in many different types of clinics, which has given her a rich background to pull from. From very progressive to bare bones, education settings to relief work, and even a few years in local shelters, she finally found a home at Richey Animal Clinic. If you ask her how she knew, it was a particular great day full of very diverse clientele. No matter our backgrounds, our love for our pets transcends everything and makes us alike. Dr. Angela Nester joined the Richey Animal Clinic family full-time in 2013. Again, it is her love of animal behavior that sets her apart as a veterinarian. She will use distraction and low restraint techniques to minimize the stress on your pet. You can trust that she always as your pet’s best interest in mind. Her approachable and “down to earth” demeanor will keep your stress minimal too. 

Dr. Kenneth Schmidt, DVM

Our relief vet is Dr. Kenneth D. Schmidt. He has been a veterinarian for over 40 years. Dr. Schmidt graduated Class of 1974 from Texas A&M University, CVM. He was born and raised right here in the state of Texas. Dr. Schmidt is partly retired, but still loves being a veterinarian. He has great compassion for animals and has seen a variety of pets and cases through the years. When he is not working, he enjoys exploring and traveling the world with family. His hobbies include reading, walking and spending time at his farm.